I am a Sydney based User Experience Designer with a background in education and child psychology. Understanding problems and helping to create meaningful solutions is what I love to do. The ability to empathise comes naturally to me - with children or any other kind of “user.” 

In my previous role, I worked in the primary education field, specifically in child psychology, investigating and analysing issues children have when learning. During this time, I conducted surveys, worked with stakeholders (parents and caretakers), analysed data, and collaborated with a team to find the best solution for each child. While my users have changed, my work had many overlaps of UX design - specifically activities such as creating personas, understanding user's motivations, pains & gains.

In addition to my past experience, through additional studies, I have found a passion for user research, design as well as HTML and CSS.

These experiences have added to my capabilities of becoming an efficient UX designer with a strategic head and an emotive heart. I design effective business solutions by connecting people's stories and come with the meaningful outcome. I am focused on clearly understanding the problem space, removing complexity & providing creative, yet efficient solutions.